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Spell Candles

Spell Candles

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What is Candle Magic?

For centuries, candles have been incorperated into various rituals and cultural tradition. However candles can be a forefront for your rituals and spells, with different candle colours being ideal for different things. 

Candle magic involves adding candles to spells and rituals for different effects. Different colours as well as different scents can be used for specific desired outcomes. It is a combination of colour therapy candles gives an opportunity to combine fire frequencies with colour frequency. When working with candle magic it aids in facilitasting the power of intention and manifestaction, allowing you to connect with the divine.  


Spell Candles Colours and their meanings:

White - peace, purity, spirituality, higher self

Brown - stability, animals, home protection, family

Black - protection, banishing 

Red- passion, strength, courage, charisma

Purple - wisdom, influence, psychic abilities 

Pink - love, friendship, caring, healing

Orange - success, ambition, business, opportunity 

Yellow - focus, intelligence, joy, comfort, hope

Green - abundance, growth, nature, fertility 

Blue - forgiveness, travel, creativity, inspiration 

Grey - intuition, dreams, psychic gifts, femininity 

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